Not something I do regularly but there are some decent shots to be had when you look around and observe people in their environment, busy with their day-to-day activities. The featured image (above) was taken during breakfast in Seville. The painted shutters were superb as the gent appeared to be┬ápart of the crowd on an otherwise quiet street, waiting for the lottery agents to open. … Continue reading People

Travel – Spain (Pampaneira)

I’ve been reviewing a lot of photographs on my phone recently, many of which I’d forgotten about. The majority are snapshots of travels to Spain, UK and Austria, whether for a day trip or a long weekend, there’s plenty to go through. I’ll be adding these over the coming weeks as part of a travel collection. More than likely, there’ll be a few cheeky Gibraltar … Continue reading Travel – Spain (Pampaneira)

Desert Adventure

In the 3rd week of February, as I crossed into Spain I came across hundreds of old Renault vehicles, some brightly coloured, others in simple schemes, all heading the same way. The first year I saw them was a complete surprise. Driving down the motorway towards Algeciras I found myself following a convoy of these vehicles and checking the rear view mirror highlighted plenty more … Continue reading Desert Adventure